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When we opened the doors to our first office at Life Essentials, our goal was to offer health care to people that had compassion, understanding and education at its foundation. 

We feel strongly that healing cannot take place in an environment of fear and anger.  So, we have been determined to make people comfortable, answer questions completely and clearly, offer information that most people do not have access to, and support everyone that walked through the door on their path toward healing.

And guess what we discovered?

The ideas we shared on nutrition, herbology and different kinds of healing were not new to people.  These were ideas that many people had been pursuing for years and they were grateful for the level of knowledge and experience they found at Life Essentials.

We were grateful as well.  The acceptance and enthusiasm with which we were received has been inspiring.  So much so, that we have put up this web site hoping to share ideas and thoughts with all who are interested.  We will post a new article each month on the front page, offering information and insights into the areas we are asked about the most in the previous month.  Hopefully, in this way, we will all gain knowledge and understanding of how to care better for ourselves and our families.

We have made available information on issues that many of us are confronted with at some time in our life, whether it is our own issue or that of a friend or family member.

You will find these to the left.  When you click on your area of interest, you will find the information we feel will help you deal with the condition effectively, from a natural point of view.

If you have further questions, or have a more involved dilemma, we would be happy to make an appointment for you and look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Loren Hunter, ND is a doctor of naturopathy and believes in bridging natural health care with traditional health care.  Dr. Hunter believes that they are equally important and will encourage you to work closely with your physician regarding any suggestions.

So, thank you for visiting our new website..  We look forward to seeing you in person.